San Franshithole – recap part 1

Got back from beautiful San Francisco the other evening and wanted to offer up a few impressions from my way-too-brief stay:

1. Weather = Awesome. Seriously, warm fall days followed by cool fall nights. Does this happen year round? Don’t tell me–I’m afraid I already know the answer.

2. Eating = OK. Good selection of vegetarian restaurants, but didn’t have anything spectacular. Did have some banging pizza @ Little Star (and the waitress gave us some mega-pointers on where to go).

3. Night Life = OK. I know a huge part of this is because we tried to go out on Monday and Tuesday nights, but it’s San Fran-fucking-frisco, you’d think there would be people out, yeah? Mission was dead, but we ended up going to Madrone in Lower Haight which was a last minute saving grace for my opinion of the city.

4. Art = Good. I probably would have put OK if the shows that are up now weren’t so damn good. Saw the Olafur Eliasson retrospective (is it really?) at SFMOMA and it is easily one of the top 3 art exhibitions I’ve ever been to. I’ll save the full review for a later post. Conveniently located across the street is the YBCA and they’ve got a solid line-up right now, too (Schmid retro + Ben Rubin’s ‘Listening Post’ in the Dark Matters show).

5. Skateboarding = Amazing. Drunkenly bombing the steepest hills at night only to hit a trolley track and eat shit in front of a crowd of people. I loved every minute of it.

6. Driving the PCH at night = Sketchy. It took my friend Tucker and I a solid 14 hours to drive from San Diego to San Francisco, but that’s because we stopped to gawk at epically beautiful landscapes so often. Unfortunately, the day didn’t last as long as our drive, and we (read: ME) were forced to drive in the dark along a narrow, curving road full of wolves, oncoming traffic, and a pure sense of danger. At least I wasn’t driving an 18 passenger van this time. I’ll post some videos later today.

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  1. karolina Says:

    Tucker’s commentary on the video clip is priceless!

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