San Franshithole – recap part 2

I really have nothing against San Francisco–I saw the name ‘San Franshithole’ scrawled onto the wall of the men’s bathroom in SFO and found it too hilarious not to spread around. The city is dirty, I will give it that, and also the homeless/panhandling population is through the roof. But without that the city would just be a gentrified coastal town. In other words, the crazy acid-fried geriatric hippies are essential to the San Francisco experience. Anyway, here are some videos from the drive up the 101.

I’ll have photos as soon as I get my film back.

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  1. tucker Says:

    I still can’t get the image of looking up to try to find you, and seeing you do a full-fledged barrel roll across a lane of traffic. My fondest memory of S.F. for sure.

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