Brad Neely – Human Genius

I’ve got to do my part in spreading the beauty that is Brad Neely. He sort of came onto the radar when he did Wizard People, Dear Reader, Neely’s own narration to the film ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’. He’s also a prolific comic artist and does one-panel pieces as well as slightly animated features for (watch the series ‘I Am Babycakes’ and ‘Professor Brothers’). You need to check this guy’s shit out–it is because of him that I don’t have a television anymore. He’s based in Austin, TX and his internet home is at the Creased Comics web site. Below is one of Neely’s one-panel pieces. You can find more at the Creased Comics archives.


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  1. Golda Says:

    Ohhh God how wonderful is Brad Neely. MMM. Mmhmm. Oh yes, ah yes. Correct, indubitably. Neely=fantasmo graph

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