Sanfranshithole Photos!

Finally got my film processed…


Slept in Nesser’s hotel room in San Diego the first night. Took a nice steamy shower.


When a rental car company offers you a free upgrade, don’t always assume it’s going to be a cooler and better car…case in point, our ‘plum’ HHR.

tucker self


Took way too many detours off the PCH to shoot photos of ourselves shooting photos. Also found paradise.



Arrived in San Francisco, ate mediocre food.




Tucker and Zig in the Deluxe warehouse.


Back to life, back to reality…

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4 Responses to “Sanfranshithole Photos!”

  1. Justin Says:


    I think I got that same “plum” HHR last time I was in Idaho. Believe it or not they explained that it was an upgrade, and the clerk got way too excited about showing me out to the lot. I could not believe how uncomfortable the seats, and overall experience of driving the vehicle was. Nothing says sophistication like a HHR! Looks like you guys made the most of it though…

    p.s. sorry to just talk about the car, but it seemed an appropriate story to share. Best.

  2. sharky Says:

    a friend of a friend used to be the head of the deluxe print shop years ago and would send misprinted boards and tons of stickers for free. Such a wonderful company!

  3. tucker Says:

    I miss San Francisco….and Deluxe….and, weirdly…Zig.

  4. Eric William Carroll Says:


    The HHR is a disaster when it comes to automobile design, and I’m not a car guy at all. I’m glad there are other souls out there who’ve experienced that beast and reached the same conclusion…

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